My goal as a 3d cad cam cnc engineer is to conceptualize, layout, direct, develop & deliver project goals within calendar to the supervisors manufacturing specifications with innovative functionality simply optimized.

Resume of Portfolios:

Portfolio of CNC: CNC-Tramway: 2021 – current

    • Developer of cnc manufacturing automation with 3d cad cam cnc

Portfolio of RC Airplanes: RC-o2: 2016 – current

    • Developer of prototype carbon fiber rc airplanes

Portfolio of 3D Animation for Feature Films: Portfolio-VFX: 1997 – current

    • Developer of 3D Modeling & Visual Effects for Feature Films & Scientific Visualization

Resume of Technical Direction:

  • 3D CAD CAM CNC Uncertified Engineer:

    • Tooling & WorkHolding:

      • Any Custom CAD CAM CNC Tool, Automation Gantry or Robotic Arm

    • Industrial:

      • Composites Mold Making, Sanding, Grinding, Polishing, Spray Paint, Welding, Saw & UV Graphics Wrapping.

    • Creative:

      • Themed Stages, Storefront Sets, Displays & Charchter Designs

        • Large Scale Foam, Inflatables, Badge Pins, NameTags, Jewelery, Colns & Memorbilla

  • 3D Visual Effects Animator: creative & technical production design

    • my experience instructing visual effects in the classroom at The Academy of Art University has given me the ability to architect, direct, participate & solve elaborate production designs for individual, collaborative and technical-creative 3d cgi productions amongst numerous supervisors, directors and artists within timeline.

    • directing with a fully integrated spectrum of 2d compositing & 3d cgi elements, i use a thorough development of feature level concepts, techniques and technical production design for dv-hd, match-move, motion tracking, blue screen, roto-scope, cinematography, photo real composite and composition.

  • 3D Power Modeler & Animator: conceptual modeleling & animation

    • visualizing with 3d perspective concept storyboards, ParaSolid, Nurbs, Poly & Sub-D technical modeling layouts & charchter td for special effect, organic, conceptual, industrial, mechanical, architectural & environmental models.

  • 3D Motion Capture:

    • experience & development with kaydara’s filmbox & mocap production using the ascension flock of birds.

  • Web Developer:

    • CMS & WordPress with linux, apache server, php & sql database

      • Integrate with advanced 3d cgi visual effect animations

      • for education, instruction, commercial & corporate applications.

Resume of Software Interchange:

    • Siemens NX / SprutCAM

      • Fusion 360, Solidworks, Rhino, AutoCAD,

    • Autodesk Maya

      • 3D Studio Max

    • LinuxCNC, MESA Hostmot2

    • Adobe, Nuke, pf track, matchmover, boujou

    • Linux, HyperVisors & VDI Server Client

    • php, sql & c++

Resume of Education:

    • cogswell polytechnical college

      • b.a. 3d computer animation 1997-2000

    • george mason university, fairfax, va

      • computer science and art study, 1994-1996

Resume of Employment:

Heavenly Ski Resort South Lake Tahoe, NV: Feburary – May 2019

    • Vail Resorts Heavenly Tahoe Ski Resort & lift operator @ Boulder lift

Tesla Gigafactory Sparks, NV: October – November 2018

    • Production Associate at Tesla Gigafactory.

    • I made a Cyber Security Phone Call to the Police Department while on duty in the Manufacturing Floor and the Administrator fired me for being on the Phone.

El Rancho Construction Denver, Colorado: May – July 2016

    • Developer of WordPress Website for Roofing Contractor

Ski Run Marina, South Tahoe, CA: 2008 – 2009

      • My refferals from Academy of Art University provided me the Office for Developing the Lake Tahoe Startup Company Portfolio.

Project Open Hand, San Francisco, CA: 2005-2006

      • Non-Profit HIV Grocery Services

The Planners Collaborative, Boston, MA: August 2003

    • Developer of 3D Space Animation

Digiquest Learning Center San Rafael, CA: January – October 2003

    • Instructor of 3D Modeling & Animation

    • I developed curriculum for a 3d graphics non-profit after-school computer learning center in San Rafael, CA. I configured hardware & software for a 3d graphics lab with network rendering capabilities.

Expressions New Media School, Emmeryville, CA: May – July 2002

    • I was a part time lab instructor for a Autodesk Maya 3D Visual Effects Lab.

The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA: January 2000 – December 2001

    • I was a 3d Visual Effects, CAD Modeling & Compositing instructor with Autodesk Maya, shake & after fx.

    • I architected a advanced visual effects and compositing curriculum layering education & production designs in timeline.

Dimension7 , San Francisco, CA: January – May 2000

    • I developed a variety of 3d models in a broadcast film production, advised the producer on production design for a cgi studio & also configured hardware & software.

    • I developed a scientifically accurate dna molecule, dragonfly and a composition of animated plants and flowers.

Minds Eye Media, San Francisco, CA: May – December 1999

    • I was contracted to model an animated 3d jurassic environment for a cgi dinosaur animation sequence in a feature film production & configured hardware & software.

    • I worked in a multi-scene production with 5 other animators harmonizing enviromental composition with charchter animation.

Optical Cable Corporation, Roanoke, VA: January – December 1995

      • I worked in the Manufacturing Warehouse as a Cable Cutter with the Shipping Department.

Back Country Ski & Sports, Salem, VA: November 1994 – April 1995

      • I Tuned Skis & Snowboards in the Shop with Belt Sander, Wax & Petex

Sonic Drive-In, Roanoke, VA: 1993 – 1994

      • I operate the Switch Board taking orders

Old Country Buffett, Roanoke, VA: 1992 – 1993

      • I bussed the Tables